Monday, March 14, 2011

Proper Southern Baptisms & Look out Oxford - Here Comes Bitsy n Peppy with Goldbrick Topping in tow!

Today, this Bitsy has a whole heck of alot to do.  I'm "fixin to" as we say grab my "Bitsy List" and start gathering up all those things "Necessary for a Proper Baptism"  Sometime between today and tomorrow afternoon, things will begin to look like "Baptism Central".  I can't think of anywhere else i would rather be.  I did wonder if they do "Destination Baptisms", kind of like weddings? That would have been a hoot, but I reckon we are as close to that as people from "South Mississippi" can be.  We are travelling to "North Mississippi" to witness, with friends and family, our lil Webbman and his cousin, David Miller, formally become "children of God".  I've already done my Baptism lesson for ya'll in a previous blog, so I'll spare you that "instructional extravaganza" again.

I'll be picking up the bonnet, the gown, the after baptism romper, the baptism onesie to go under the post ceremony romper - we ALL know how important it is to have "just the right" onesie under the romper.  There are baptism boxer shorts, which I have not seen yet since I had them shipped directly to the little Momma (oh how I hope they are perfect), baptism burp cloths, baptism bibs, baptism shoes etc.  The funny thing about all of these things is that babies are baptised everyday without "hoopla".  They are dunked in the river unceremoniously, blessed and accepted into God's arms without question.  I want ya'll all to be perfectly aware that I am fully "cognizant" of that fact.  All I will say is in Mississippi, whether it be South or North, we believe in "stuff".  We believe in hoopla and in fanfare.  We believe in celebrations and lots of pictures.  We like to document for posterity the joy and happiness of the day to the fullest, but YES, we would all live if we just dunked Webb in the River with Father Joe assisting.  We will just live MORE FULLY with all the bells, whistles, and fanfare of the day! 

Bitsy still hasn't found anything to wear.  I did find something I liked online, but I wanted you guys to sound off first.  What do you think?  I wouldn't want to upstage Webb, so I tried to keep it fairly conservative.  Thoughts, suggestions. . . . . Feel free to comment.

I also have a plain linen skirt and linen top that may be just fine.  Who knows.  I just want to make Webb proud of his Bitsy.

I'm so looking forward to a "girl's weekend".  One of my bestest Buds, Peggy, also known as "Peppy" to those she most loves is hitting the roads with me to Oxford.  That poor bed and breakfast may never be the same.  Needless to say, Peppy and I have a good time wherever we go.  Woot Woot!  I really need to call her today and make sure she doesn't want to order a suit for the ceremony.  Oh, and Webb's "Honey" too.  One Grandmother should certainly not "upstage" another Grandmother.  After all, that would not make for good long term grandmother relations, would it :)

To add to all the special items that I will be toting from Atlanta to Oxford, I would be remiss in leaving out the "Goldbrick" ice cream topping.  This topping is a special request from one of Webb's Honey's girlfriends.  This delightful taste treat is "hard to come by", but never fear Miss Rachel . . . . Bitsy has got you "hooked up"!  Well, that is, if Peppy and I don't consume it en route. 

Happy Monday ya'll.  Enjoy this day the Lord has made.

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