Wednesday, March 30, 2011

All things Easter, Webbman is Moving & Sweet Mother of Sugary Easter Goodness-Here come the PEEPS!

Easter JOY
Morning ya'll.  Bitsy is officially in Easter "countdown" mode.   April 24th . . . . . .It's OK to do that once we fall into the 30 days or less time frame.  I love all holidays, but I adore "All Things Easter", and in light of the Webbman's arrival - Easter, in all it's faith based joy and surrounding hoopla of colored eggs, chocolate rabbits, baby chickens, little lambs, teenie tiny goats and the always popular bunnies -  Bitsy is in full fledged wide open "Peeps" mode. 

Because I'm happy to have people who want to read about the adventures of Bitsy, the Webbman and crew, I am going to share one of my greatest Easter joys with you guys. I managed to live my first 26 years oblivious that this particular joy even existed, but in 1982, the first Easter of my (first) married life, we were blessed enough that a dear friend, named Michael Horne, gave us a micro-wave as a Wedding gift.  It was great for heating leftovers, etc., and the micro-wave forever became known as the "Michael-wave" in our home.  It also became a crucial tool used in a "most revered Easter tradition" in our home.  I'm going to use the following video to exhibit our favorite use of the Michael-wave around Easter time, and let you decide for yourselves as to whether it's worth adding to your Easter traditions.  This little activity is my Easter gift to YOU!  Enjoy.

{Advance apologies that I couldn't upload it and you had to click on the link,
 but YouTube is acting up this morning.
  Maybe they are busy with Peeps at the Microwave!}

I cannot wait to demonstrate this wonderful family tradition to the Webbman and also to Precious' side of the family this weekend.  I'm certain North Mississippi doesn't have these tasteful Easter displays to enjoy.  We also use Peeps to make place card holders for our Easter Sunday Meal.  They work extremely well with a toothpick, a small cut out of construction paper where the guests name is placed and some curly ribbon.  Peeps have also been used as decorative inserts to flower arrangements at our Easter table - a straw, some curly ribbon, and "voila", just add to your vase of flowers.  The possibilities are truly endless and don't think they haven't been tried.  If you need more information, just contact me, in case you haven't noticed.....Bitsy loves to share.   P.S.  If you ask the Lil Momma, she'll share the joyful fact that our lil family always had a 6' Easter tree decorated in our living room every year , and yes it had peeps adorning it,- it was the Mardi Gras tree defrocked of it's Pagan decorations when Lent arrived  and more tasteful decorations came to adorn it in preparation of Easter!

See What An Amazing Peep Show You Can Have Right at Your Very Own Table!

My Easter checklist is all done.  I can sit back and watch Peeps in the microwave for the next 30 days and dream up new traditions that Webbman may need!  I've had fun getting McKenzie & Ansley, my two grand babies on the hubbie's side, taken care of and can't wait to see the girls in all their Easter glory.  I've tried to start a tradition of "letting them" choose their own dresses for Holidays from a favorite website and then ordering them.  Their Christmas dresses didn't work out too good, since only one of them arrived and some other child in our neighborhood is walking around in the other granddaughter's dress thanks to the Postal Service.  But, Bitsy falls off the horse and tries to get right back on~so here we are at Easter dresses.  The "picking out your own dress" seems to be something that they can enjoy with their Momma and she can still reel them in if they decide they like a dress that may look like the curtains from Tara, in all their finery, but made into a 5 or an 8 in girls sizes.  I've gotten their Easter buckets, their Easter movie (Tangled), and a few other fun things too.  I've enjoyed getting my God-child, Amelia Grae's,  Easter smock (pink with little zebras on it), hot pink squeaker shoes and yes her Easter bucket too. Then, we come to the Webbman.  He had to have a bucket, a basket that the Lil Momma preferred, an adorable lime green gingham romper with bunnies on it, an adorable personalized outfit for a photo opp, 2 adorable teething toys, some wooden blocks and well I believe that's it.  Oh and two little toys for the tub that just made me smile in the middle of Wallie World (NOT the one in WAVELAND).  In all this process, Bitsy should lose some weight because she has done this on her very limited income, but the $10 here and $10 there approach seems to work because we all know "Where there's a WILL, there's a WAY" and with kids and Easter, there are simply certain "must have's" even if a visit to the Dollar Tree is needed.   Webb's "Honey" (Precious' Mom) told me not too long ago if I stopped buying greeting cards, I would have money.  "Honey", if you are reading this, obviously greeting cards are the very "tip" of the iceberg.  Webbman, if you are reading this, don't will be 52 and still have a greeting card coming from your Bitsy :).

Bitsy is Heading to Mississippi again the end of the week.   Webb and his parents are moving from Waveland, MS to Bay St. Louis, MS (a distance of about 4 miles or so)~same County though.  Bay St. Louis should rejoice in their new citizens, Waveland should be sad to lose them, and on that note - I need to make sure the Lil Momma and Precious get registered to vote in their new municipality. Elections will be here before they know it!   I just added it to my list.  Webb's "Honey" and "EZ" are coming from Oxford to throw in 4 hands, Bitsy is coming from Atlanta to throw in her 2 hands, "PawPaw, Aunt Miche, Uncle Doug, Cayce, Pahnee and Crew" will be there too with their 10 hands to help too.  Yet, another shining example of "sharing your children" with family.  What a joy............Get Ready Webbman, Bitsy is coming! 

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