Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our Lil "Webb-rechaun", Silent Sighs of Relief from Buddy n Baxter & Welcome to Mississippi Bitsy!

Maybe, just maybe, it's a coincidence, but I've noticed a strange hush throughout this Atlanta home since the Webbman was born.  There's no hiding under chairs, beds, tables and waiting for me to "find something else to do".  Buddy and Baxter, our canine children, seem to have an assurance and confidence about them now that I haven't seen in their faces in a very long time.  For those of you new to Bitsy's world, I am the "Mom" of two (2) miniature schnauzers.  Buddy is a grey schnauzer who we adopted to fill the void left in my life not too long after the Lil Momma went off to college and I relocated to this big City.  He was an adopted child courtesy of the Gwinnett Pet Rescue folks.  He's a timid soul, loving beyond words and truly, without further mush, he is undoubtedly one of the best pets ever.  Baxter, our second "adoptee", is quite another story.  While I would not give anything for him, he came to us from a broken home of sorts.  He survived life after Hurricane Katrina, was adopted by the  Lil Momma's "Granny" and well, someone of lesser character might say "he has a few behavioral issues".  When "Granny" passed away a few years ago, Baxter came to live with Bitsy and Mr. B.  He is a solid white schnauzer with endless energy, a zest for constant companionship, an affection jumping out windows and going on "Adventures of the Baxter Kind".  One of the last adventures involved 234 xeroxed "misplaced dog" fliers strategically placed by B and I in mailboxes throughout a 3 mile area! Yes, I know it's illegal to go in other people's mailbox, but there I did it and I'm still trying to figure out if I'm penitent.  Obviously, the fliers were effective, and after numerous other "events", most of the area knows who Baxter is and where he belongs. :(

Anyhow, I have, for a number of years found joy in dressing Buddy and Baxter up for every occasion known to man.  They have been pilgrims, pumpkins, elves, reindeer, grooms, brides, devils, hula girls, drunks, and various and sundry other characters.  I may add, that Mr. B has never thought much of the idea.  I never realized until the Webbman was born that perhaps, there was an off chance, that I was inflicting them with my ongoing need for a grandchild.  It certainly seems that since Webb has been born that Buddy and Baxter have had increasingly fewer "encounters of the "Bitsy" kind".  This is probably directly correlated to the birth of Bitsy's little precious "Webbman".  They seem much happier, as rightly, they should be.  Here are a few examples of  of Buddy & Baxter b.w. (before Webb ):

On that note, one of my greatest joys is finding "just the right outfit for the Webbman" to wear on holiday occasions.  The Lil Momma and Precious humor me, put the little man in his latest outfit and snap a picture for posterity and for "Bitsy".   I will say that Webb's Daddy has made it clear that despite his respect for Webb's Bitsy, that there are "limits".  He seemed to come up with "wardrobe rules" somewhere after the Sock Monkey cocoon and right around the Mr. Bingle outfit.  I try to be mindful that Webb is a manly little man, but I can't help but believe, there is plenty of time for him to prove his masculinity abounds.  So, forever mindful of the Lil Momma and Precious' wishes, Webb is of course spared of the sillier things.  There are no hula skirts, no devils, or that sort of thing.  So far, I have worked hard to keep his outfits condensed to sensible things, like turkeys, elephants and leprechauns. . . . Oh dear, I may be seeing a pattern here. 

Oh well, Happy St. Patrick's Day from Bitsy, the Lil Momma, Precious and our little

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, When Irish Eyes Are Happy, all the World Seems Bright and Gay, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, Sure they Steal Your Heart Away :)
Here's to You!  Here's to Me!  I'm as Irish as can Be!  Happy St. Patrick's Day Ya'll.

Bitsy is a "Murphy" girl, daughter of Pat Murphy and Carol Stevenson (Scottish), so with that said I'm your die hard Irish Catholic girl who was educated in Catholic schools all her parochial days.  I grew up hearing my Daddy whistle and sing as he putz'd around the house.  Two of his most "memorable" pieces were Bing Crosby songs, although I always thought my Dad was a ringer for Dean Martin. I get kind of nostalgic around St. Patrick's Day.  It was a big deal around the Murphy house!  It wasn't enough to BE a "Murphy", as if I couldn't let well enough alone, I quite obviously did not know when to quit, I  married a "Moran", compounding the Irish shenanigans even further.  Twenty years and the Lil Momma later, I severed the Irish ties and married myself a a Frenchman! 

Well, if any of you are on the Highway today heading from Atlanta to the MS Gulf Coast, you may want to know, Bitsy will be sharing the road with you.  You can take that as a warning or look for me and wave.  I'm on my way to begin "Baptism" festivities and enjoy my Gir's weekend with "Peppy".  I'll keep ya'll posted.  Don't worry about me getting lost, I have Nancy the Navigator doing her best to keep me on track, but I also know what I'm looking for.  These are some of the most beautiful signs.  They always make my heart beat a little faster, put a smile on my face and give me that warm feeling that let's me know . . . . . . .
 "I'm almost HOME".

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