Thursday, March 10, 2011

Diana Ross Revisited, Honey's Comin' to Town and Sleeping in the Death Bed

As I closed my blog post yesterday, I signed off with Diana Ross crooning to you guys.  I have always fancied myself a "Supreme", the fact that I had the wrong color skin, thin mousy hair and two legs that sewn together wouldn't make one of Diana's in height has never bothered me.  I don't know if "Bitsy" and Webb will have a "song".  Seems appropriate that we will.  If I get my pick it's definitely going to be "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" or "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch"  If you take a minute to listen to the lyrics of the songs, you'll know why I have chosen them.  I've also done some work and well, although not perfect and so entirely not accurate, here I am , below, a new and improved "Bitsy", almost live and almost in person.  No, I don't have the singing technique yet, but I'm working on the "hair' and the "outfit"  I've said it before and I'll say it again . . . since I can't carry a tune, I'm not going to let that stop me.  I'm just gonna have to wow the Webbman with my grace and beauty.  Tell me what you think.  Am I on the right path?

 Even "photoshop" couldn't prepare ya'll for this or lessen the blow, huh :)
I just can't seem to do "Diana" proud.  I guess I'll just be happy being "Bitsy"

Honey, Webb's Grandmother and Bitsy's Partner in Crime!
Webb's paternal grandmother, affectionately known as "Honey" is coming to get some quality time with him next week.  She and Webb's grandad, who is affectionately known as "Easy" live in Oxford, MS.  They live in a lovely quaint home with a beautifully landscaped yard and best part is the location.  It's walking distance to most anywhere . . . the Oxford Square, the University, and Emileigh's Bakery!  Need I digress so often?  Please push a button to shock me back into reality or something when I do that.  Any how, she is coming down early next week and will sleep in the room where I sleep when I visit the Lil Momma and the Webbman.  Me, I lay my head down like a champ in it, no problems at all.  It's an amazing turn of the century antique tester bed that was left to my sister when my "Cousin" Peter passed on.  The little Momma and I have affectionately tagged this lovely bed as the "Death Bed" I mean it doesn't bother ME that he "passed on" in that very bed, I sleep like a rock in it, but if you were a scaredy-cat, you may feel the bed move a few times and the covers do strange things.  I feel obligated to pass this along to "Honey" just so she can ignore the noises that may go bump in the night.  I will digress again, just for a minute. . . .my mother's family was small and decidedly odd, but so so lovable.  "Cousin" Peter was always into the theater, opera, antiques, music and the finer things in life and sang quite beautifully along with playing his stunning Grand piano that stood proudly in his living room.  We would all look at each other in woe however when he rounded the corner with "microphone in hand" at the family Christmas get-to-gethers,  At any rate, he had a Manchester terrier pup for years upon years which passed on.  He couldn't bear to have "Mon Cher" cremated or buried, so he brought him to a taxidermist and had him stuffed.  Long story short, as soon as the "finished product" (I hate to sound heartless, but what would the politically correct term BE for a stuffed Manchester terrier?) had been picked up and placed on the mantle in its appropriate spot, my cousin fell into a flailing fit of sadness mumbling and muttering something about the dog not "looking" like Mon Cher and he needed to be buried.  He was also the same cousin who had a sleep over in the family crypt the night my Aunt Jane was laid to rest in a valiant attempt to keep her ex husband away from her.  It made perfect sense to him since said ex-hubbie was Jewish. The "Jewish" part was really not acceptable in Cousin Peter's eyes. Weird huh, and best part is. . . . .ya'll have no idea.  Hang with me though, eventually you'll see. OK, so Webb's "Honey" is going to get some well deserved and much needed face time with the Webbman and see for herself what a fine little fellow he is becoming. Between you and me, I'm sneaking down that way too to get me some Webb squeezin' in, but "Honey" has first dibs.  No, Honey and Bitsy won't be bunking up this trip.  She is going to have to visit with "Cousin Peter" all on her own. 

Bitsy and Honey plotting our trip with Webb to Disney World.

Webb's Honey and I believe we may have been sisters separated at birth.  We think alot alike, are both in "wide open" mode all the time, and happiest of all when we are going 90 to nothing and trying to help someone feel better.  Our children are all perfect, know more than everyone else and are, by far, the best children that the good Lord EVER delivered to this earth, to date, other than Webb and his cousin, Miller. When we went to the hospital the night of Webb's grand entrance, I had had shirts made for Honey and I to wear during delivery as we could warrant.  One said "Webb Thomas' Meisenheimer's "Bitsy" appliqued onto a big heart in the middle of my shirt.  The other said "Webb Thomas Meisenheimer's "Honey" appliqued on a big heart in the middle of her shirt.  We are surely sisters by a different mother or something, or at the very least we broke out of the asylum on the same day and we just feel there's safety in numbers ??????   I am so blessed to have a wonderful woman like "Molly" in my life and as a "partner in crime".  Love me some Molly Webb Meisenheimer.  Gosh, the Webbman is one lucky little guy!

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