Thursday, March 31, 2011

Webbman is drooling and It's not over peas-Could it be Kourtney Kardashian's little friend "Sophie"?

I am one blessed Bitsy.  The greatest thing about being a Bitsy is having the opportunity, time and willingness to "listen" this go round.  Well, I should say to "listen and to hear".  It's amazing to me that with each opportunity that I have to be around the Lil Webbman or to talk with the Lil Momma, I soak up what they are saying or needing.  I "listen", "observe" and "analyze"   It's almost like Angela Landsbury out on a case.  I certainly don't ever recall having this luxury to "take in" and to calmly and rationally "process all the words, actions and clues given" by the Lil Momma as a baby, and even more so, I did not do it when I was not under some predisposed time span to solve, react, or be some type of miracle worker.  As a Mom, I never had alot of extra time to evaluate, examine, study, second guess etc. the situations at hand.  What I remember seemed like it was me, with Lil Momma, doing the best I could and just swinging from the hip.  We didn't have "google" readily available at our finger tips or "Web MD" so if we needed a tip along the way~ What we did was "handle it" and well that's just what was done. And we did it to the very best of our ability.  Most of us were lucky if we even had time for a cup of coffee, much less to examine an item to see if it had BPAs in it, how it would affect our environment, whether we should calculate if the money saved on another item was worth it long term because of the additional space it may fill in the landfill it may occupy some day.  I mean, we simply did the best we could with the limited information we had, the time we had to process things in and hoped our children adjusted safely, sanely and relatively normally compared to others.  If they didn't well, we were simply all too busy to notice how wierd they were as a result of our inattentiveness or inaction due to lack of time.

It's so nice to have the time and years of added child rearin' knowledge at hand and not be under any particular time frame or guidelines to perform or enlighten or anything.  As a Bitsy, I just hang around and when and if I see or hear something that interests me that the Webbman or the Lil Momma may need or want, I jot it down and later, I take my sweet time to do my research as to what options we have and how or even if I want to get involved in offerring information, guidance and/or funds to move forward with.  It's pretty frickin wonderful getting to do what the hell ya want when the hell you want to do it.  It's not that way when you are a Momma or a Daddy.  Time seems to get in the way of alot perfectly good chances to get to do some perfectly good things.  Hell, if I recall, as a stay at home mom, sometimes you didn't even get a bath, much less have time to evaluate something that was going to take more than about 20 minutes.

I believe Webbman needs a Sophie!

Last week, when I was with the Lil Man I noticed he seemed to be "drooling alot", and it wasn't at peas.  He was giving all the signs that he was starting to work on getting some 'tootheses'.  The Lil Momma didn't have any teething rings yet, so I set out on a week long mission to find just what may be the perfect teething ring for our lil Webbman.  The more articles I read, the more reviews I perused and the more in-depth information that I was able to find seemed to point to the same brand teether, but in several different shapes.  They are something called a Vullie Sophie Giraffe and Chan Pie Gnon Blue.  They are made with Natural Rubber and Food Paint. They are apparently very soft rubber, colored with food paint for the benefit of the baby, are large enough, but  not too large to make it easy for baby to hold onto and maneuver the toy and chew from all angles.  I ordered them and was so proud to have found something that Parenting Magazine recommended at the top of their list, lots of other grandparent and parent blogs seemed to be recommending and on top of that they were just frickin' adorable, a little pricey, but everything I read leaned toward the "It's well worth it side" than not.

At any rate, when I explained to the Lil Momma that I had ordered Webb a few teething toys and to be on the look out for them.  The ever inquisitive, well informed Lil Momma of course had many questions making sure I hadn't jumped the gun on my teethers of choice and purchased something that would not be "up to par" with what her expectations for a 5 month old's teething ring requirements would be.  After some show and tell, back up material and good solid shopping technique, I convinced the Lil Momma that I had done good.  To my surprise, I did not need to pull out the laptop and do the powerpoint presentation, but I had it ready, just in case!

I knew that Bitsy had passed the test with extraordinary colors and scored big when the Lil Momma smiled like she had just purchased a new Coach Purse and the newest in Tory Burch flats when she excitedly exclaimed "Mom, you did great . . . . . . . Kourtney Kardashian uses these for "Mason Dash", her Baby".    So for now, Bitsy has kicked ass and taken names in the teething toy mission and I have a feeling I can move calmly into other areas of 5 month old purchasing where others may not choose to go, and do so knowing that I stand an excellent chance of getting approval of my purchases.  Next time, Bitsy probably doesn't need to do so much research or at least not in the places she found to gain information.  Since the "vote of confidence", Bitsy has found out that Sophie the Giraffe and Chan Pie Gnon are used and recommended by Nicole Richie, and her daughter, Harlow, celebrity Mom~Christine Aguillera, Sophie Coppella and her daughter, Romy, and I guess many others who researched the product as hard as Bitsy did.    Turns out, over 600,000 Sophie's are sold in "France" each year!  They, on the other hand, are harder to find in the good ole U.S. of A.  Well enough on that, here are the little boogars that all the teething excitement seems to be about!  I hope they are as "excellent" as sources expound!

Vullie Product's - Sophie the Giraffe and Chan Pie Gnon

Sophie the Giraffe

Born in France in 1961, Sophie the Giraffe quickly became a "must have" in baby’s essentials. Sophie the Giraffe is designed to stimulate the senses and soothe the teething gums, Mothers recognize right away the benefits of this little giraffe for their child. Sophie the Giraffe has wowed over 10 million babies (and parents!) with her natural beauty and charm,
and NOW, to these reviewers,
 We can say Sophie has "wowed 10 million and one babies and parents and at least one Bitsy!

Sophie Giraffe is handmade with all natural flexible rubber and non-toxic paint. No chemicals softener; parabens, PVC, phtalates, BPA (bisphenol-A) and nitrosamines in Sophie. She is a safe alternative to plastic teether and complies with the U.S safety requirements of ASTM F-963. Sophie Giraffe is soft, flexible, and slender, making her easy for babies to grasp and squeeze. Makes a happy squeak sound when squeezed. Great alternative to a plastic teether. Makes a perfect baby gift for Newborn to 12 months.

If you ask me, those Kardashian Girls don't have a thing on Webb's Bitsy.  I mean they talk about their shapely "junk in their trunk" type butts, and I can assure you,
MINE is decidedly junkier and in some cases, IT won't even fit in the damn trunk.
Til tomorrow . . . . .

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